Reca Super A 240 kg

• Alkaline chlorinated cleaner and disinfecting agent for the milk tank and milking machine

• Very effective removal of milk residues (fat and protein) in circulation cleaning

• Excellent water hardness stabilization ensuring a surface free from mineral deposits

• High stability of the concentrate

Product omschrijving

Reca Super A is a chlorinated alkaline cleaning and disinfecting agent for circulation cleaning of the milking machine, milk tank and mini milker. To be used in alternating cleaning with Reca Acid. Reca Super A is within the range of chlorinated alkaline detergents a very sophisticated product, due to its stability, water hardness complexation and cleaning performance. Correct application of Reca Super A requires a circulation temperature of 50 to 70°C. The minimum temperature for cleaning is 45°C. Effective cleaning requires a concentration of (0.5 –) 1.0% and a circulation time of 5 – 10 minutes. Refer to the requirements set by the manufacturer in order to have cleaning parameters confirmed. The available chlorine provides both a disinfecting and a cleaning effect in order to remove milk residues (fat and proteins) effectively. Reca Super A contains phosphates delivering support in cleaning and stabilization of water hardness. The blend of Sodium and Potassium Hydroxide assures stability of the concentrate and enhances cleaning performance. Reca Super A requires alternating cleaning with Reca Acid. The water hardness will be leading in the sequence of use. In general, Reca acid is used once or twice a week for cleaning the milking machine. Reca Acid is a very specific and strong scale remover.


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